Books by Our Members

Finding Grace: Regaining My Vision and Soul: Anne R. Davidson Learn More
Countenance: Joy Ross Davis Learn More
Emalyn's Treasure: Joy Ross Davis Learn More
An Angel Named Promise: Nancy Ruth Davis Learn More
Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow's Story of Love, Loss and Renewal: Diane Dettmann Learn More
Telling Abuse: New Poems: Ann M. DeVenezia Learn More
Riding My Tricycle: Ann M. DeVenezia Learn More
Grave Rubbings: Ann M. DeVenezia Learn More
Perfect Phrases for Sales Presentations: Linda Eve Diamond Learn More
E-Z Spelling: Linda Eve Diamond Learn More
The Beauty of Listening: Linda Eve Diamond Learn More
Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees (Perfect Phrases): Harriet & Linda Eve Diamond Learn More
Rule#1 Stop Talking!:

A Guide to Listening

Linda Eve Diamond
Learn More
The Human Experience: Linda Eve Diamond Learn More
Executive Writing:

American Style

Harriet & Linda Eve Diamond Diamond
Learn More
Teambuilding That Gets Results (Quick Start Your Business): Harriet & Linda Eve Diamond Diamond Learn More
Flora's Wreath: Jane Dill Learn More
Flora's Wreath: Jane Dill Learn More
Tears of the Willow: Marie Murphy Duess Learn More
Joshua's Ring: Marie Murphy Duess Learn More