Books by Our Members

Goddess School: A 12-Step Program: Laura J.  Kendall Learn More
Witches Seduction: Laura J. Kendall Learn More
Witches Enchantment: Laura J.  Kendall Learn More
A Simple Case of Revenge: Laura J.  Kendall Learn More
A Simple Case of Suicide: Laura J. Kendall Learn More
Hurricane Deadly: Laura J. Kendall Learn More
Shifting Stars: Page Lambert Learn More
In Search of Kinship: Modern Pioneering on the Western Landscape: Page Lambert Learn More
For Time and All Eternity: Love Never Dies: Karla Lee LaVoie Learn More
dollars & SENSE II: Barbara Kent Lawrence Learn More
The Hungry i: A workbook for partners of men with eating disorders: Barbara Kent Lawrence Learn More
Bitter Ice: A Memoir of Love, Food, and Obsession: Barbara Kent Lawrence Learn More
Islands of Time: Barbara Kent Lawrence
Captured by Long Icy Winter: Margery Leach Learn More
Unexpected Harvest:

A Faith Journey in Four Seasons

Margery Leach
Learn More
The Summer of Yes: An Ex-Nun’s Story: Karen Leahy Learn More
Seedlings: Stories of Relationships: Ethel  Lee-Miller Learn More
Thinking of Miller Place:

A Memoir of Summer Comfort

Ethel  Lee-Miller
Learn More
INSPIRE! Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence : Kim Lengling Learn More
Swimming Toward the Light: Angela Tehaan Leone Learn More