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As Easy as Breathing:

Reclaiming Power for Healing and Transformation Poems

Margaret Dubay Mikus
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Dazzled by Darkness: Seeing Things in Brooklyn: Erica Miles Learn More
Finding Home: My Journey from Post-War Germany to America: Brigitte D. Moore Learn More
Tomorrow is Another Day: A Memoir: Patricia H-F Moore Learn More
Selfhood and U.S. Democracy: Edith E. Muesing-Ellwood Learn More
Monday Morning Memoirs: Maureen Murdock Learn More
Father's Daughters:

Breaking the Ties That Bind

Maureen Murdock
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The Heroine's Journey Workbook: Maureen Murdock Learn More
Unreliable Truth: Maureen Murdock Learn More
Spinning Inward: Maureen Murdock Learn More
Heroine's Journey: Maureen Murdock Learn More
Twisted Love: 12 Cases of Love Gone Bad: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Flagitious: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Loves, Myths, and Monsters: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Wicked Intentions: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Poems About Life, Love, and Everything In Between: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Murder Most Foul: JoAnne Myers Learn More
Barn 14: Meg's Meadows (Winning Odds) (Volume 3): MaryAnn Myers Learn More
Hannah's Home: MaryAnn Myers Learn More
Maple Dale Revisited: A Coming of Age: MaryAnn Myers Learn More